PARK YoonKyung


《Painting and Thereafter》
2021. 02. 18 ~ 2021. 03. 25



교육연합신문 / ...2월 기획전


문화뉴스 / ...'회화'의 다면성
2_1 Remember.Redeemer.jpg


7_1 Shame.Politics.jpg
민중의소리 / ...회화 속에 잔존하는


아트코리아방송 / 'Painting and thereafter'


Viewers/ ...올해 첫 번째 전시

PARK YoonKyung

2013               GOLDSMITHS, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON, Master of Fine Art, London, UK

2001               HONGIK UNIVERSITY, Master of Fine Art, Seoul, Korea

1999               HONGIK UNIVERSITY, Bachelor of Fine Arts; Major in Painting, Seoul, Korea

1995               SEOUL ARTS HIGH SCHOOL, Major in Painting, Seoul, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2021               The Attitude that Sustains Our Lives, Soluna Fine Art, Hong Kong

2019               PAINTING TOWER_Soluna Fineart_Hong Kong

2018               The Discovery of a Relationship_63ART Museum_Seoul, Korea              

                         PAINTING X PAINTING_Hanwon Museum_Seoul, Korea

2014               IN BETWEEN_Open Space BAE_Busan, Korea

2013               PAUSE AND REWIND_The Invisible Line Gallery_London, UK

2010               A daily life_Wil Gallery_Seoul, Korea

2006              Color & Object_Project with AVENUEL, AVENUEL_Seoul, Korea       

2005              Banality and Celebration_Noam Gallery, Lexus Gallery_Seoul, Korea

2001               City–Daily Festival_Kwanhoon Gallery_Seoul, Korea


Selected Group Exhibitions

2021               UNDEFINED MANUAL: DRAWING VIEW POINT, Yang Pyeong Museum, Korea

2021               Painting and Thereafter_Gallery BK_Seoul, Korea

2017               Report & Recall_Sema Storage_Seoul, Korea

                         Your Hand, My Heart_Gallery Simon_Seoul, Korea

                         EMPATHY_ATELIER AKI_Seoul, Korea

2016               Flexible Place_Hanwon Museum_Seoul, Korea

                         Air Plants/Paniting Theater/As is_Nanji Artshow I,II,VI_Nanji Arthall_Seoul, Korea

2015               PUBLIC & PRIVATE SPHERES_Project 809 Residency_Seoul, Korea

                        Family Dairy-Letter Play_Yangpyung Museum_Yangpyung, Korea

                        SALON DE SEMA_Seoul Museum of Art_Seoul, Korea

2014              KOREA TOMORROW 2014_DDP Design Museum_Seoul, Korea

                        ARRIVAL-UNEXPECTED DIALOGUE_Gallery Simon_Seoul, Korea

2013               The Pool Exhibition> Goldsmiths_London, UK

2007              A Complex> Sung-gok Museum_Seoul, Korea

2006              The Way of Viewing Objects_Seoul Museum of Art_Seoul, Korea              

2005              Cutting Edge_Seoul Auction Space_Seoul, Korea



2016               SEMA NANJI STUDIO 10th ARTIST

Supported By

2018-2023   Selected Artist of Soluna Fine Art Gallery, Hong Kong

2015                Selected as a Hyundai Motor Group Brilliant 30 Artists, Seoul, Korea

2002-2006  Working Artist of Golden Acrylic Colors, USA


National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art., Korea

Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

Woongjinthinkbig, Korea

Hanwha Group 63 Art Museum, Korea