Kim Yongho


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한국패션사진가협회 회장 역임.

Recent Solo Exhibition
2012 ENCOUNTER(S), SZ art center, 베이징
2012 ENCOUNTER(S), 부티크 모나코 더 페이지 갤러리, 서울
2011 서울디자인페스티벌 김용호 특별전, 코엑스, 서울
2010 집을 위한 나눔의 기록, 서울아덴힐리조트, 서울
2009 신데렐라 사진전, 예술의 전당, 서울
2008 mom 전, 스페이스 눈 갤러리, 중국 따산즈
2007 mom, 대림미술관, 서울
2007 Firenze Florence Ferragamo, 살바토레 페라가모, 서울

Recent Group Exhibition
2012년 16 STAFFORD TERRACE W8 7BH, 16 Stafford Terrace, London
2011년 한韓류流:사진작가 6인과 한국을 만나다, 고양아람누리 아름미술관
2010년 ‘INCONTRO TRA LUSSO E ARTE’(예술과 명품의 조우), 카이스 갤러리
2010년 서울다움’을 주제로 한 서울의 숨 사진전, 뉴욕 DA갤러리
2008년 환경의 날 기념 사진전, 서울 신세계아트홀


2018   SAVE the BLACK dog, Flatform Changdong 61

2018   Art Collaboration Exhibition ‘Golden Art’, Kotra

2017   Global ArtCollaboration Expo ‘Modern Boy’, COEX seoul

2017   Gwangju Biennale Special Exhibition ‘The 4th Media Art:Post Human’, Gwangju Museum of Art

2017   ‘modern boy Artist Collaboration’, Street Museum

2017   ‘blow blow blow’, Haevichi hotel&resort Jeju / SMT Tokyo

2017   ‘modern boy Artist Collaboration’, MCM space

2016   ‘modern boy Artist Collaboration’, Corner Art Space

2016   ‘light of the east-the beauty of movement in silence’, Wesleyan University

2015   Seoul Photo Festival Talent Sharing Photo Studio 'Dream of Seoul', Seoul City Hall Citizen Hall City gallery 

2015   ‘modern boy Artist Collaboration’, DDP, designer gallery shop - THE EXHIBITION zone

2015   ‘modern boy’, Time after Time, 2015 Craft Exhibition of Important Intangible Cultural Heritage in Korea,

           Insa Art Center

2015   'modern boy' Public Art, Gajaeul New Town SK VIEW PARK, Sponsor by Nabi Art Center

2015   brilliant masterpiece, Berlin

2015   brilliant memories, DDP, Seoul

2014   ‘modern boy’ Identity, Force Gallery Beijing

2014   ‘Art Edition’ Special Photography Exhibition Kim Yongho, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul

2014   ‘modern boy’ Korea France 120th anniversary collection of intangible cultural heritage of  

           Korea Inyeon, Sponsor by Cultural heritage administration of Korea, Paris

2014   CIGE 2014, China National Convention Center, Beijing

2014   ‘modern boy’, 2014 Seoul Lunar Photo Fest, Seoul

2014   ‘Art & Fashion’ Contemporary Art Walking Runway, Sungnam Art Center Cube Museum Seoul

2014   Art Hamptons, NY

2014   Art Toy Culture Seoul 2014, DDP Seoul

2013   Craft Art product development project, Sponsor by Cultural heritage administration of Korea, Seoul Design Festival

2013   Bag Stage Bag is Psychology, Gallery 0914 Seoul

2013   brilliant masterpiece, Beyond Museum Seoul

2013   Dream Society, Culture Station Seoul 284

2013   Wings , House of Lee Sang Seoul

2013   Pian, Asia House London

2012   Elegant Life, Ryu Hwarang

2012   Encounter(s), Page gallery Seoul, SZ Art Center Beijing

2011   Pian, Seoul Design Festival, COEX Seoul

2008   Mom, Dashanzi Noon Gallery Beijing, Daelim Museum Seoul

2003   Beautiful People Beautiful Giving, Gongpyung Art Center

2003   Enduring Passion, Star Tower Seoul



Crossing the commercial photography and the picture work back and forth, Photographer Kim Yong Ho has been combining the images of his experience and memories to create a unique and surreal story steadily presenting and communicating through exhibitions with the public.

Rather than the ideological aesthetics of the photo that are expressed by some sort of forms or constraints, but as a breakthrough recorder more closer to the moment which is made at the boundary of sub-consciousness with a variety of gaze that penetrates the same period with freedom, Kim Yong Ho have been steadily planning for continuous and highly meaningful projects.

He, in each field of photography, broadcasting, culture, art, fashion and life styles has led the projects that caused the sympathy of the public with ‘extraordinary presence’ and ‘creativity’ and has been classified as an exceptional and challenging artist who has refocused the contemporary icon, business, culture, brand and cultural heritage. Through unexpected ideas, composition and inverse concepts he has changed the cultural trend of photos and commercials and since the exhibition of the ‘Mom’

at the Daelim Museum in 2008, he has been a major contributor in spreading the images of the domestic industry globally.

Through the art works, he has paid attention not only to the photographic images but also to the endless possibilities now available through visual media. Multi-media, which boundlessly crosses all over his exhibitions, occasionally serves as the visual text, which replaces the artist's notes or commentaries, It can also be defined as the fascinating detail, which mediates the traditional virtues of the photographs-punctum- and studium generale.Such features vividly reveal the characteristic of Kim Yong-ho’s art world, which cannot be labelled within one category. He instills vitality into the gap behind the still images.




2017   ‘modeun modern world’, ‘n Company

2013   ‘modeun modern’ 1, 2, 'n Company

2010   ‘Performance and together’, 'n Company

2010   'Where Hope Grows', Culture'n Company

2007   'City and the Woman', VOGUE Korea

2006   'Hi! Mr.Hope of Korea', Company_Culture'n Company

2003   'Beautiful People, Beautiful Givings', Culture'n Company

2003   'Enduring Passion', Sigongsa

2003   ‘a Boy’, Gingko Trees

1994   ‘Hong, Mi-hwa's Fashion Collection’, Culture'n Company

*2015   [Thesis] The Significance of ‘Photolanguage’ in the Digital Era :

Focused on Advertising Photographs by Yong-ho KIM



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2016   [Thesis] The Significance of ‘Photolanguage’ in the Digital Era :

          Focused on Advertising Photographs by Yong-ho KIM

2016   [Interstellar of Kim Ji Su] Kim Yong Ho, Living as a solar modern boy that self-illuminated(Chosun Biz)

2014   Modern Boy of Contemporary : Photographer Kim Yong Ho’s Interview(Huffingtonpost Korea)



Photographer Kim Yong-ho’s Video links

2016   On Style ART #3

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