YoonKyung PARK

2013               GOLDSMITHS, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON, Master of Fine Art, London, UK

2001               HONGIK UNIVERSITY, Master of Fine Art, Seoul, Korea

1999               HONGIK UNIVERSITY, Bachelor of Fine Arts; Major in Painting, Seoul, Korea

1995               SEOUL ARTS HIGH SCHOOL, Major in Painting, Seoul, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019               PAINTING TOWER_Soluna Fineart_Hong Kong

2018               The Discovery of a Relationship_63ART Museum_Seoul, Korea              

                        PAINTING X PAINTING_Hanwon Museum_Seoul, Korea

2014               IN BETWEEN_Open Space BAE_Busan, Korea

2013               PAUSE AND REWIND_The Invisible Line Gallery_London, UK

2010               A daily life_Wil Gallery_Seoul, Korea

2006              Color & Object_Project with AVENUEL, AVENUEL_Seoul, Korea       

2005              Banality and Celebration_Noam Gallery, Lexus Gallery_Seoul, Korea

2001               City–Daily Festival_Kwanhoon Gallery_Seoul, Korea


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017               Report & Recall_Sema Storage_Seoul, Korea

                         Your Hand, My Heart_Gallery Simon_Seoul, Korea

                        EMPATHY_ATELIER AKI_Seoul, Korea

2016               Flexible Place_Hanwon Museum_Seoul, Korea

                         Air Plants/Paniting Theater/As is_Nanji Artshow I,II,VI_Nanji Arthall_Seoul, Korea

2015               PUBLIC & PRIVATE SPHERES_Project 809 Residency_Seoul, Korea

                        Family Dairy-Letter Play_Yangpyung Museum_Yangpyung, Korea

                        SALON DE SEMA_Seoul Museum of Art_Seoul, Korea

2014               KOREA TOMORROW 2014_DDP Design Museum_Seoul, Korea

                         ARRIVAL-UNEXPECTED DIALOGUE_Gallery Simon_Seoul, Korea

2013               The Pool Exhibition> Goldsmiths_London, UK

2007              A Complex> Sung-gok Museum_Seoul, Korea

2006              The Way of Viewing Objects_Seoul Museum of Art_Seoul, Korea              

2005              Cutting Edge_Seoul Auction Space_Seoul, Korea



2016               SEMA NANJI STUDIO 10th ARTIST

Supported By

2018-2023   Selected Artist of Soluna Fine Art Gallery, Hong Kong

2015                Selected as a Hyundai Motor Group Brilliant 30 Artists, Seoul, Korea

2002-2006 Working Artist of Golden Acrylic Colors, USA


National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art., Korea

Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

Woong-jin Publish Group, Korea

Hanwha Group 63 Art Museum, Korea