Han Jae Yeol

Passersby-Expansion, Difference and repetition_259.1x193.9cm_Oil on linen_2015.jpg

《The Gathering, Bystanders》
2021. 11. 11 ~ 2021. 12. 29

한재열 포스터.jpg


위클리서울 / 한재열 개인전 'The Gathering, Bystanders'...12월 16일까지 갤러리 BK
The Gathering, The Red Sofa_200x160cm_Pigment Bar on canvas_2018.jpg


우드플래닛 / 한재열 개인전, <The Gathering, Bystandards>...얼굴 군무에 깃든 인간성 오류
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K스피릿 / 작가 한재열 개인전 'The Gathering Bystanders'
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싱글리스트 / Gallery BK, 11월 한재열, 권용래 개인전 오픈
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문화뉴스 /사러진 얼굴 뒤로 남겨진 얼굴들...한재열 개인전 'The Gathering, Bystandards'
The Gathering, Miners_190x130cm_Pigment Bar on canvas_2018.jpg


아시아투데이 / 한재열의 ‘The Gathering, Miners’


문화뉴스 / [인터뷰] 사라진 얼굴 뒤로 남겨진 얼굴을 그리는 한재열 작가 

Han Jaeyeol

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2016              Passersby : The Beneath, National Assembly Member's Office Bldg., Seoul, KR

2014              The Individuals, Alternative Space Artforum Rhee, Bucheon, KR

2013              Jaeyeol Han Opens Out, Gallery Gahoedong 60, Seoul, KR

2012              Anonymous Passers-by, Gallery 41, Seoul, KR


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019              Report, Art Center WhiteBlock, Paju, South Korea

2016              You and Me, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul,  KR

2014              Cocoon, KOLON Space K, Seoul, KR 

2013              Open Art Canvas Night ‘Coexistence’, Unofficial Preview Galley, Seoul, KR



2016              Luxembourg Art Prize, Luxembourg / Finalist

2015              POSCO Art Museum Award, Seoul / Finalist

2013              Seoul Digital University Art Award for / Excellence


2018 - 2019  Art Center WhiteBlock, Cheonan, KR

2013 - 2014  Stag-Hunt Residency Program, Alternative Space Artforum Rhee, Bucheon, KR 



2014              'Project Passersby', Jaeyeol Han, PainterPrinter, ISBN 979-11-952578-0-5



2015              Art in Culture, Lee Hyun Editor, KR